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Think Before You Buy That New Acura

Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle

In the past you may remember us going over the benefits of buying a new car. For some people, this presents a pricey means of transportation. There is, however, an alternative. Leasing a vehicle can serve many benefits as well that buying won’t allow you to do. Take a look at some of those benefits below!

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2018 TLX on a bridge_o

Driving New…

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What Happened To The Acura TL?

When Did Acura Stop Making the TL?

It’s common for automakers to cease production of vehicles after a few years or so. Whether it’s due to reclassification or poor sales, some people may still be drawn to the discontinued model. Acura isn’t immune from having a few models that are no longer in production. The TL, for example, was a popular mid-size luxury sedan that experienced highs and lows. When did Acura…
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How To Use Voice Command In Your Acura

Acura is full of helpful technology with modern comfort and convenience features. Once you pair your compatible smartphone to the vehicle, you'll be able to send and receive calls by simply using your voice. Additionally, models with the navigation feature can use voice command to find different navigation routes. Find out how to use voice command in your Acura by following the video tutorial below!

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