Acura Model Research

Acura ILX

The ILX is a compact sport sedan designed for life in the fast lane. The Acura ILX features bold, aggressive styling, a sophisticated interior, and a high-revving engine that turns every road into a driving revelation.

2017 ILX
2016 ILX

Acura TLX

A mid-size performance luxury sedan, the TLX delivers precise performance wrapped in a bold, eye-catching package. The Acura TLX proves benchmarks are made to be broken, offering a thrill like no other.

2017 TLX
2016 TLX
2017 TLX vs 2017 320i
2017 TLX vs 2017 A4
2017 TLX vs 2017 Maxima

Acura RLX

The RLX is Acura’s luxury flagship sedan, designed to create an exclusive bond between man and machine. The Acura RLX resets the standard for sport sedans with leading edge technology and intelligent systems.

2017 RLX
2016 RLX

Acura RDX

A luxury crossover SUV, the RDX delivers impressive power and agility to deal with any situation on the road. The Acura RDX combines spaciousness and comfort with exceptional handling and confident performance.

2017 RDX
2017 RDX vs 2017 NX

Acura MDX

The MDX is a three-row luxury SUV that offers comfortable seating for seven and superior performance. The Acura MDX is a best-seller, thanks to its power engine and host of experience-enhancing technologies.

2017 MDX
2016 MDX
2017 MDX vs 2017 QX60
2017 MDX vs 2017 XC90

Acura NSX

A next-generation supercar, the Acura NSX delivers a new sport experience and a heightened emotional connection between man and machine. The Acura NSX offers precision crafted performance and several world-first technologies.

2017 NSX
2017 NSX vs 2017 Audi R8